Tuesdays with Randy – Getting Active on 2 Meters – Part 3

China puts 9 new amateur satellites in orbit – First QSO Reports

CAMSAT logo_2China Amateur Satellite Group CAMSAT successfully deployed 9 new amateur radio satellites on September 19th. First users reports are encouraging.

Tuesdays with Randy – Getting Active on 2 Meters – Part 2

Tuesdays with Randy – Getting active on 2 Meters – Part 1

Ham Radio 101 – Working Amateur Satellites

Current ISS position via Heavens-Above.com

Few things in the hobby are more exciting than talking to the world with an HT. D-STAR, DMR, IRLP and Echolink have made this possible via internet connectivity but you can also do it directly, via satellite.

Working the heavens is easier than you might think. Here is a great reourse to get you started.

Work-Sat.com – One of the best all around websites for amateur satellite enthusiasts. If amateur radio icons like Bob Heil, K9EID and Gordon West, WB6NOA recommend it, you know it’s good.

The site is hosted by Clint Bradford, K6LCS, who is also a good guy to know if you need help programming your rig.

A thorough review of the Baofeng BF-F8HP

Feature rich. Inexpensive. And pretty good.

Building your morse confidence

Gold Vibroplex BugOne of the wonderful ironies of our hobby is how everything old can be new again. I was licensed back when morse code proficiency was a requirement. I learned enough to copy the WPM needed for my ticket, but never developed that confident combination of fist and ears to inculcate old fashioned Continuous Wave (CW) into my ham radio routine.

When KX9X came to town, one of the many things we discussed was how to put some more cardio into our code. Sean shared these two resources:

RufzXP is a nifty little Windows program that spits out nothing but ham IDs. In fact, it takes it’s name from the abbreviation of the German word “Rufzeichen-Hören”, which means “Listening to Callsigns”. It speeds up or slows down based on your growing, or in my case, declining compitence.  http://www.rufzxp.net/

Morse Runner teaches the skill that is at the heart of Radiosport, CW contesting. It’s a simulator that fires QSOs at you as fast as you can accurately copy them.

Add these two to your workout routine and you’ll be amazed at how you’ll become a stronger, faster and more confident operator.


100 Watts and a Wire

100 Watts and a WireEvery now and then, there is a development that helps change our hobby for the better. 100 Watts and a Wire is precisely that. The concept began as a podcast and has used the synergy of social media to create a community.

Check out the show and visit the Facebook Page. Whether you’re a newbie or an OM, you’ll find questions, answers and great conversation.

And if you like your 100 Watts and a Wire on the radio, 100 Watts and a Wire is on the air. Calling frequencies are 14287 and 7180. [+ or -] and there’s a NET every Thursday at 9p ET [01:00 UTC] on 7.180 [+ or -].

Dale’s Tales – September, 2015

Dale Williams WA8EFK

Dale Williams WA8EFK

SPECIAL EVENT: September 12 is the date for the Greater Louisville Hamfest. See http://louisvillehamfest.com/ for complete details. The Hamfest will be hosting the Kentucky State Leadership Conference with nine forums on the schedule. KY Section Manager Alan Morgan KY1O will kick things off with an update on Visions and Goals for the Kentucky Section. Forums include the KY EOC, Red Cross interfacing, Training goals, Search and Rescue, KY NTS activities, working with health care alliances and ARES Leadership. Your Vice Director Tom Delaney W8WTD and I will be there to meet with attendees and participate in the ARRL forum activities.

CONVENTION FINAL: My personal thanks go to everyone who worked so hard to make the 2015 Great Lakes Division Convention a successful event. The attendance exceeded expectations. The forums got rave reviews. The Wouff Hong ceremony welcomed 45 “novices” into “The Order”. Our Keynote Speaker Debra Johnson K1DMJ provided us with insight towards getting school students interested in Amateur Radio and the steps necessary to promote school ham clubs. Read the rest of this entry »

ARRL in the house!

L-R Gregg, WB8LZG; W8SH Vice President Tom, KE8BII; Ed, W8EO; Scott W9WSW; W8SH Club President Reece, KD8VNY; Katie, WY7YL; Sean, KXZ9X and ARRL Great Lakes Division Director Dale, WA8EFK

L-R Gregg, WB8LZG; W8SH Vice President Tom, KE8BII; Ed, W8EO; Scott W9WSW; W8SH Club President Reece, KD8VNY; Katie, WY7YL; Sean, KXZ9X and ARRL Great Lakes Division Director Dale, WA8EFK

This week WY7YL and KX9X visited MSU to talk public relations with the MSU Alumni Association team. Katie Allen is the chair of the American Radio Relay League’s PR Committee, while Sean Kutzko is the staffer who heads up the League’s social media and public relations activities.

In addition to a tour of the MSU Amateur Radio Club station, W8SH, hosted by Greg Mulder – WB8LZG and Ed Oxer – W8EO, Katie and Sean spent some quality time with Reece – KB8VNY and Tom – KE8BII, respectively club president and vice president.

Dale Williams -WA8EFK, ARRL’s Great Lakes Division Director joined us for a celebratory dinner at the Kellogg Center during the final evening of the visit. It was great to be able to talk radio with three of our ARRL heroes.