Northeast Storm Shuts Down ARRL HQ

ARRL LogoFrom the website: ARRL offices in Newington, Connecticut have closed due to the severe snowstorm that has struck the area. We will evaluate conditions on Wednesday morning and will be open if possible, although most likely with reduced staff. Monitor this page and the ARRL Facebook page for updates.

What Reflectors / Talkgroups / frequencies will you be monitoring during the storm?

School Club Roundup – February 9/13 2015

School Club Roundup

About The ARRL School Club Roundup

Objective: To exchange QSO information with club stations that are part of an elementary, middle, high school or college. Non-school clubs and individuals are encouraged to participate.

Sponsored by the ARRL, its Hudson Division Education Task Force and and the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club (LIMARC) to foster contacts with and among school radio clubs. Read the rest of this entry »

Newsline: Launch Date for Fox 1A Announced

Fox-coin-crop-e1411863052839The long awaited launch of amsat’s Fox-1A ham radio satellite will take place on August 27th. The Fox 1A will be carried to orbit on board a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California on a flight for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. The exact launch time has not been announced. (Via Amateur Radio Newsline)

New Mexico Tech Fest

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio LogoMy New Mexico compadres have a superb Tech Fest planned for Saturday February 28, 2015 at the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial Event Center located at 1100 Louisiana Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108. It’s sponsored by Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, New Mexico. This ARRL sanctioned specialty operating event will feature:

  • Construction Techniques for Ham Radio Experimentation (Chuck Adams K7QO of Phoenix, AZ)
  • HF propagation and Spaceweather: The Whats, Whys, and Hows (Paul Harden NA5N of Socorro, NM)
  • Extreme Low Power Communications – QRSS (Cash Olson KD5SSJ and David Hassall WA5DJJ of Las Cruces, NM)
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): Protecting Your Equipment from the Invisible Threat (Jay Skolnik KD5RKK, P.E., CPM, CPI, of Albuquerque, NM)
  • How to Build Simple VHF Gain Antennas (Jim Duffey KK6MC of Cedar Crest, NM)
  • An Introduction to Software Defined Radios (Larry Goga AE5CZ of Albuquerque, NM)

The program continues to evolve to be sure to visit the event webpage for the latest information.

The ARRL Letter – January 22, 2015

ARRL LogoRick Lindquist, WW1ME, Editor

[Note: Clicking on the story links below will take you to the news article as it appears in The ARRL Letter on the ARRL website.]

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ARRL: Michigan Passes, Governor Signs Antenna Accommodation Legislation

ham_antennaTen years of work within the ARRL Michigan Section have culminated in an Amateur Radio antenna bill that mirrors the “reasonable accommodation” provisions of the PRB-1 federal pre-emption policy. Michigan Gov Rick Snyder signed the measure, Senate Bill 0493, into law on January 15, creating Public Act 556. Senator Rick Jones sponsored the bill. ARRL Michigan Section Manager Larry Camp, WB8R, said Michigan is the 31st state to have a PRB-1 bill on its books.

“The current PRB-1 Team has been working for 3 years to get this accomplished,” he said. “Our bill endured four votes on its way to becoming law — Senate and House committees and the Senate and House floors. Each vote was unanimous.” Read the rest of this entry »

DXLab Demo – W8JRK

DX Lab SoftwareTo the Lansing Amateur Radio Lunch Bunch

Fred (KF9U) and I are planning to get together soon at Fred’s shack to share ideas about how we’re using the DXLab suite of computer applications.  Anyone currently using DXLab or just interested in how the programs operate is cordially invited to join with us.

DXLab consists of eight different programs which “speak” to each other.  You can opt to use any one or more of the individual programs.

DXKeeper – Logging, QSLing, award tracking, etc.
SpotCollector – Integrates up to 6 DX clusters, audio announcements, etc.
Pathfinder – QSL info
DXView – Beam headings, sunrise/sunset times, DXCC progress, etc.
Commander – Transceiver/rotator control
PropView – Propogation predicting/forecasting
WinWarbler – digital mode interface, voice memory keyer, etc.
Launcher – Installs new DXLab applications, etc.

DXLab was developed (and continues to be further developed) by Dave (AA6YQ).  It is freeware, has significant documentation, and is  supported by a very active reflector (

Fred and I will be at next Wednesday’s lunch and will be setting the date/time for a get-together during lunch.  Please let us know (at lunch or via email) if you’d like to join with us.

73 –

Joe  W8JRK

Looking for a summary of the latest DMR hardware?

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio LogoThe Rocky Mountain Hams website has an extensive list of the latest DMR compatible radios. My two DMR rigs are the Connect Systems CS700 and a Motorola XPR4550 mobile. Wondering what Digital Mobile Radio is all about? Learn more here.

Updated List of D-Star Nets

Courtesy of Daryl WX1DER


  • International D-Star Net, 6pm Mountain Time, Reflector 1 Charlie.
  • Southeast US D-Star Weather Net, 7pm Mountain Time, Reflector 2 Alpha.
  • Texas Interconnect Team K5TIT D-Star Users Group, 7pm Mountain Time, Reflector 33 Bravo.


  • Mid-Atlantic D-Star Net, 6pm Mountain Time, Reflector 20 Alpha.
  • El Paso D-Star Net, 7:15pm Mountain Time, Reflector 55 Alpha.
  • Raspberry Pi D-Star Technical Net, 8pm Mountain Time, Reflector 35 Charlie.


  • Arklatex D-Star Net, 6:30pm Mountain Time, Reflector 48 Bravo
  • Texas D-Star Net, 7pm Mountain Time, Reflector 4 Bravo
  • Alabama D-Star Net, 7:30pm Mountain Time, Reflector 58 Bravo
  • PAPA System D-Star Net, 9pm Mountain Time, Reflector 12 Alpha.


  • Ham Nation Twit TV Show D-Star Net, Reflector 14 Charlie, immediately after the Ham Nation Twit TV Show concludes, or just before its conclusion. The start time varies each week.
  • Illinois D-Star Net, 8pm Mountain Time, Reflector 1 Bravo.


  • Florida D-Star Net, 7pm Mountain Time, Reflector 46 Charlie.
  • Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) D-Star Net, 7:30pm Mountain Time, Reflector 67 Bravo. You don’t have to be a CERT member to check in, but becoming a CERT member is encouraged.
  • New Mexico D-Star Net, 8pm Mountain Time, Reflector 55 Alpha.
  • PAPA System D-Star Roundtable Net, 9pm Mountain Time, Reflector 12 Alpha.


  • Memphis D-Star/D-Rats Net, 7:30pm Mountain Time, Reflector 60 Bravo. Access the Memphis Chat Room on D-Rats, with Chat, Join Channel, and type Memphis. It will show up as #Memphis in the status bar.

MSUARC Facebook Page

MSUARC FB PageThe MSU Amateur Radio Club maintains a Facebook page. It’s updated more regularly than the club website and is a good place to keep up on amateur radio activities at Michigan State University.